Islamist Extremism

Look at the news on any given day and you will see countless headlines about the latest attack by Islamist extremists. But… what exactly do they mean by this? Who are these Islamic extremists and what do they believe in?

In a sentence, Islamist extremism refers to an interpretation of Islam that believes Islamic law, or sharia, represents an all-encompassing religious-political system.

Currently being forwarded as a ‘blanket’ term for any act of violence legitimised, or performed under the name of Islam- Islamist extremism is an important and wide reaching movement with over fifty-five splinter groups representing extremist Islamist ideology banned in the UK today.

From the infamous 9/11 attacks to the recent mass killings in France, Islamist extremism represents a growing movement across Europe, America and Africa, and are employing increasingly violent measures to achieve their aims. The Islamist extremist organisation known as Boko Haram are reported to have killed over 3,500 civilians in 2015 alone– whereas the group known as ISIS have claimed responsibility for attacks committed in Paris claiming the lives of one hundred and thirty individuals.

The case studies you will explore within this site represent cases of Islamist extremism. Ranging from Sharmeena Begum to Michael Adebolajo, please feel free to explore both our case studies and our blogs section for more on issues from Jihadi brides to Islamist recruitment.


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